Program Studi Sarjana Teknik Kimia

Terakreditasi Unggul oleh BAN-PT
TERAKREDITASI OLEH Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (IABEE)
Research groups

Chemical Engineering Product Design and Development

Chemical Engineering Process Design and Development

Energy and Chemical Engineering Processing Systems

Biomass and Food Processing Technology

Chemical Reaction Technology and Catalysts

Research Facilities

To support the scientific development and research, Chemical Engineering ITB sets 10 (ten) equipped laboratories:

  • Laboratory of Engineering Products and Industrial Processes
  • Laboratory of Polymer and Membrane Technology
  • Laboratory of Ceramic Technology
  • Laboratory of Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
  • Laboratory of Electrochemical Conversion
  • Laboratory of Microbiology and Bioprocess Technology
  • Laboratory of Purification and Separation Processes
  • Laboratory of Thermofluidic and Utility Systems
  • Laboratory of Process Equipment
  • Laboratory of Design Method and Process Control

To support the educational purposes, there are:

  • Instructional Laboratory for conducting routine lab studies and experiments.
  • Pilot Laboratory for conducting scaled-up experiments.
  • Instrumentation and Analysis Laboratory equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments, such as AAS, FTIR, BET surface area analyser, Hg porosimeter, etc.
  • Process Simulation Laboratory equipped with 70 computers connected to the Internet. Facilities PCs and LAN / Internet for every Lab Expertise.
  • Garage / workshop (metal, glass, and wood) to support the manufacturing needs of experimental / research equipment.
  • Chemical Engineering Library has approximately 10,000 collection of books and periodical literature.
  • Multimedia facilities to support learning and research (5 and 8 units of notebook LCD Multimedia Projector), computer application packages and simulation of chemical engineering process licensed mounted on a LAN system for lectures, research, and final project.
  • Standardized laboratory safety system.