Students of Chemical Engineering ITB Participated in The National Chemical Engineering Symposium 2019 (NACES 2019)

On 4th – 6th October 2019, 22 students of Chemical Engineering ITB participated in the National Chemical Engineering Symposium 2019 (NACES 2019). NACES 2019 is an annual event held by universities in Malaysia consecutively. And for 2019, NACES is held by Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP). NACES 2019 theme is “Infinity Loop: Breaking the Paradigm through Resources Optimization” where the main objective is to achieve an ideal condition that can close the loop of the production cycle from raw material to product. Which optimized to reduce raw material usage, waste generation, energy consumption, and processing cost.

Institut Teknologi Bandung manages to win 1st place in Technical PowerPoint Presentation which won by Felicia Shelly, Muhammad Wildan Hakim, Jorgensen, and Ignatio Senoaji Jagad Mitro Prajasto. Also 3rd place in Technical Case Study Competition which won by Nusatio Edwin Wirya, Robby Anggoro, Zoealya Nabila Zafra, and Ivant Septiawarman. For Process Plant Design Competition 3rd place won by Nikanor Natan, Natanael, Jimmy Sualing, and Jonatan Kevin Daniel.