Two ITB Chemical Engineering Teams Successfully Won 1st Place and 2nd Place in the Come and Innovate in Chemical Engineering Phenomenal Competition (CONCEPT) 2021 Event

Come and Innovate in Chemical Engineering Phenomenal Competition (CONCEPT) is a competition held annually by Parahyangan Catholic University. This year’s CONCEPT competition carries the theme “Non-Food Bioproduct Innovation in Efforts to Support Sustainable Industry in Indonesia.” CONCEPT 2021 will be fully implemented online due to the ongoing pandemic.

On Saturday (6/11), two teams from the Bandung Institute of Technology won 1st and 2nd place at CONCEPT 2021 in the Scientific Work Contest category. 1st place was won by the CLARITTA TEAM, chaired by Claritta Sukmalovelina (13018092) with members Zulfah Amala (13018087) and Bryan (13018079) who were mentored by Guntur Adisurya, S.T., M.T. The CLARITTA TEAM presented a work entitled “Innovation of Biosuccinate Production Process Made from OPEFB with Fluidized Bed Reactor and Integrated Membrane System”.

2nd place was won by a joint team of ITB Chemical Engineering and Food Engineering students, TIM TITO, with team leader Tito Wijayanto (13019041), and members Aurellia Clara Tania (14319021) and Rebecca Anastacia (13019095) who were guided by Dr. Made Tri Ari Penia Kresnowati, Ph.D. The TITO TEAM presented a work entitled “Utilizing Coffee Grounds as Biodegradable Plastic Cups as an Effort to Achieve a Sustainable Industry”.