To support the scientific development and research, The Chemical Engineering Program set 10 (ten) laboratories equipped for education and research. The laboratory (Lab.) is:
Lab. of Process Industry Product Engineering,
Lab. of Polymer and Membrane Technology,
Lab. of Mineral Technology and Inorganics Materials,
Lab. of Catalysis and Reaction Engineering,
Lab. of Process Safety and Energetics Electrochemistry,
Lab. of Microbiology and Bioprocess Technology,
Lab. of Separation and Purification,
Lab. of Thermofluid and Utility System,
Lab. of Process Equipment, and
Lab. of Design Methodology, Process Design and Control.

To support academic activities and research, the Chemical Engineering Program has supporting facilities such as: Chemical Engineering Library has approximately 10,000 collection of books and periodical literature. Graduate Instructional Laboratory for conducting routine lab studies the experiment Pilot Laboratory to conduct large scale experiments. Instrumentation and Analysis Laboratory that provides sophisticated equipment like AAS, FTIR, BET surface area analyzer, Hg porosimeter, and others. Process Simulation Laboratory which is equipped with 70 computers connected to the Internet. Facilities PCs and LAN / Internet for every Lab Expertise. Garage / workshop (metal, glass, and wood) to support the needs of the manufacture of experimental equipment / research, multimedia facilities to support learning and research (5 and 8 units of notebook LCD Multimedia Projector), computer application packages and simulation of chemical engineering process licensed mounted on a LAN system for lectures, research and final project.

Process Simulation Laboratory
Students Lounge 2nd Floor
Students Lounge 1st Floor
Laboratorium Instrument
Laboratorium Instrument
Laboratorium Instrument
Laboratorium Instrument
Laboratorium Instrument


Heads of Laboratory and Library from Chemical Engineering Program FTI ITB

No.Nama LaboratoriumKepala lab
1Laboratorium Rekayasa Produk Industri Proses (Laboratory of Process Industry Product Engineering)Dr. Ir. I Dewa Gede Arsa Putrawan, MT
2Laboratorium Teknologi Polimer dan Membran (Laboratory of Polymer and Membrane Technology)Ir. Akhmad Zainal Abidin, M.Sc., Ph.D.
3Laboratorium Teknologi Mineral dan Bahan Anorganik (Laboratory of Mineral Technology and Inorganics Materials)Tjokorde Walmiki Samadhi, ST, MT, Ph.D.
4Laboratorium Teknik Reaksi Kimia dan Katalisis (Laboratory of Catalysis and Reaction Engineering)Prof. Dr. Ir. Subagjo
5Laboratorium Keselamatan Proses dan Elektrokimia Energetik (Laboratory of Process Safety and Energetics Electrochemistry)Dr. Hary Devianto
6Laboratorium Mikrobiologi dan Teknologi Bioproses (Laboratory of Microbiology and Bioprocess Technology)Prof. Ir. Tjandra Setiadi, M.Eng., Ph.D.
7Laboratorium Proses Pemisahan dan Pemurnian (Laboratory of Separation and Purification)Dr. Antonius Indarto
8Laboratorium Termofluida dan Sistem Utilitas (Laboratory of Thermofluid and Utility System)Prof. Dr. Ir. Herri Susanto
9Laboratorium Peralatan Proses (Laboratory of Process Equipment)Ir. Tri Partono Adhi, Ph.D.
10Laboratorium Metodika Perancangan dan Pengendalian Proses (Laboratory of Design Methodology, Process Design and Control)Prof. Ir. Johnner Sitompul, M.Sc., Ph.D.
11Laboratorium Reaktor Pilot (Laboratory of Pilot Scale Reactor )Carolus Borromeus Rasrendra, ST, MT, Ph.D.
12Laboratorium Instrumen Analitik (Laboratory of Analytical Instrument)Carolus Borromeus Rasrendra, ST, MT, Ph.D.
13Laboratorium Unit Produksi (Bengkel Logam dan Gelas) (Workshop of Metal and Glass)Carolus Borromeus Rasrendra, ST, MT, Ph.D.
14Laboratorium Pendidikan Teknik Kimia (Laboratory of Chemical Engineering Education)Dr. Vita Wonoputri
15Laboratorium Teknologi Pemrosesan Pangan (Laboratory of Food Processing Technique)Prof. Dr. Lienda Aliwarga
16Laboratorium Simulasi Proses (Laboratory of Process Simulation)Dr. Anggit Raksajati
17Laboratorium Fermentasi Pangan (Laboratory of Food Fermentation)Ir. Ronny Purwadi, MT, Ph.D.
18Laboratorium Tekanan Tinggi (Laboratory of High Pressure Reaction)Dr. Ir. I.G.B. Ngurah Makertihartha
19Lab. Unit Produksi Skala Pilot dan Lab. Terbuka (Laboratorium of Pilot Scale Production Unit and Open Laboratory)Dr. Haryo Pandu Winoto
20Perpustakaan Teknik Kimia (Library of Chemical Engineering)Dr. Dianika Lestari, ST, MT