The Department of Chemical Engineering has 3 divisions based on skills:

1. Design and Development of Chemical Engineering Processes

Division of Process Design and Development of Chemical Engineering studies the development of chemical engineering science and catalysts,separation and purification processes and computational processes.

2. Design and Development Chemical Engineering Products

Field study: The study focuses on designing and developing innovative products based on local resources. In its activities, the group reviews our expertise in the application of the principles of science and engineering in the processing of a material using catalyst or biocatalyst to produce goods and services. In this case, the goods are related to fermented food, feed, beverage, medicine, microbial enzymes,bioethanol, asdam organic acids, polymers that can be degraded, and other chemicals. Within the scope of services, the study focuses mainly on the purification water, domesticwaste and waste management industry.

3. Energy and Processing System of Chemical Engineering

Expertise Group of the Energy and Chemical Engineering Processing System studies the development of energy engineering science and the development of bio-fuels as an alternative fuel motor vehicles.

4. Chemical Reaction and Catalyst Technology

The Chemical Reaction Technology and Catalysis Research Group has a field of study in the development of chemical reaction science and catalysts, development of production systems, and development of simulations to improve operations and improve plant performance.

Research, cooperation and development of expertise and science are in line with the roadmap for the Chemical Reaction and Catalysis Technology Expertise Group which is packaged in activity clusters arranged based on scientific fields, namely:

  1. Chemical Reactions and Catalysis,
  2. Production System Design based on reaction and catalyst,
  3. Process Simulation for Process Development and Evaluation.

5. Technology of Biomass and Food Processing

The field of study of the Biomass and Food Processing Technology Expertise Group is to develop the science of engineering of microwaves and food processes based on Indonesian local raw materials to produce food and feed products and components, substitute products for similar products based on petroleum, up to an industrial scale.