Accredited “Unggul” (By BAN-PT)

The Chemical Engineering Doctoral Program at FTI ITB aims to produce chemical engineering doctorates who have the following competencies:

  1. have mastery of the subject that is occupied in more depth (advanced) and understand ethics and morals in the development of science,
  2. able to conduct research independently and have knowledge that is focused on a collection of independent knowledge (a discrete body of knowledge), and
  3. has the ability to develop knowledge in line with the latest literacies by contributing to the field of science and recognized by experts in their fields and openly tested and validated through agreed procedures (scholarly aspect).

Curriculum Structure of the Chemical Engineering Doctoral Program

The Kindergarten Doctorate Program applies the Learner Centered Education (LCE) paradigm and develops a curriculum based on 4 strategic issues (Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Coding / Computational Thinking, and Sustainability).

2019 Curriculum Revision (pdf)