The Chemical Engineering Program opens an Undergraduate Program (Bachelor) and a Graduate Program for Master and Doctoral Degree. The Undergradute Program is done in 4 years (8 semesters, 144 credits), while the Graduate Program for Master Degree is done in 3 semesters (36 credits). Doctoral Program in 6 semesters (42 credits). Alumni of the Undergraduate Program who want to continue their study directly to Master Degree could get a Bachelor and Master Degree in 5 years.

Every year the Chemical Engineering Program accepts 105 high school students for the Undergraduate Program through SPMB (Selection of University Students Acceptance) which is held by The Ministry of Education (60 students) and PMBP (Potential and Interest Students Selection) (45 students).

In SPMB, participants can attend the test in many cities. The subjects tested are Basic Mathematics, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Scientific Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and General Science Knowledge. In PMBP, participants have to come to Bandung. Their interests will be tested and the subjects tested are English, Basic Mathematics, and Psychoanalogical Test. However, starting this year, ITB will not be opening the selection through PMBP. Therefore all 105 students will be selected through SPMB, which is called SNMPTN nowadays.

Graduate Students of Master’s Program with good results have the opportunity to get scholarships for the Double Degree International Master Program (IMP). IMP is a cooperation between ITB and Rijks Universiteit Groningen (RuG). The program consists of one year of studying in Bandung and one year of research in Groningen, Netherland. At the end of the program, students will get Master of Science Diploma from RuG and Master Degree from ITB.

Many alumni of our programs work in chemical process industries. Some of the industries are: oil refinery, petrochemical industry, paper industry, food industry, cement industry, and many others.

Doctoral Program graduates graduate with excellent reputations. Doctoral students in Chemical Engineering also have high productivity with an average of more than 5 publications/student. In the last 3 years, students have been involved in the publication of 10 patents. Scholarships that can be utilized by students come from ITB (GTA) or outside ITB (LPDP, PMDSU, PKPI, etc.). In addition, Research Fund Grants are also available from within the country (PPUD Kemenristek Dikti) and abroad (Kurita Overseas Research Grant).