Accredited “Unggul” (By BAN-PT)
Accredited By Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (IABEE)

Curriculum 2019

Chemical Engineering Study Program has 2 elective SubPrograms: (1) Chemical Technology and (2) Bioprocess Technology. Each subprogram is characterized by a group of block lectures. There are two stages in the Curriculum of Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program:

  • Joint Preparation Stage (TPB)             : 2 semester, 36 credits
  • Undergraduate Education Stage         : 6 semester, 108 credits

Category of Courses and Credit hours

Elective Pathway Credit hours per Course Category
ITB Compulsory Courses ChemE Compulsory Courses SubProgram Compulsory Courses ChemE Elective Courses Non-ChemE Elective Courses
Chemical Technology 9 65 16 15 3
Bioprocess Technology 9 65 19 12 3

Graduation Requirements

Stage Passing Credits Minimum GPA (out of 4.00) Max Study
Compulsory Courses Elective Courses Total
Joint Preparation Stage 36 0 36 2,00 1 2 years
Chemical Technology Education stage* 126 18 144 2,00 2 6 years
Bioprocess Technology Education stage * 129 15 144 2,00 2 6 years
* Cumulative; 1 minimum index: D; 2 minimum index: C.
TPB phase aims to provide material to new students so that all students have the same basic competencies. TPB courses are basic, such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry. In addition, the TPB Phase provides provision of general materials on writing scientific papers, deepening English, engineering and design concepts, and the introduction of information technology.

Courses Road Map