Program Studi Sarjana Teknik Kimia

Terakreditasi Unggul oleh BAN-PT
TERAKREDITASI OLEH Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (IABEE)
International collaboration with The Monash University

Students are eligible to attend classes at Monash University during their 5th and 6th semesters (1-year study). ITB will screen its applicants for the Study Abroad Program to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements advised by Monash, including academic and language requirements, before nominating them to Monash.

Nominated Students must be enrolled at ITB and have completed successfully at least one year of continuous study at ITB before they commence the Study Abroad Program.

Monash reserves the right to make final judgments on the admissibility of each Student nominated.
Under the terms of this agreement, Students will not receive any academic credit towards any academic program of Monash, however any academic credit earned at Monash may be recognised by ITB at the discretion of ITB.

International program and curriculum:

International collaboration with The University of Queensland

Students are eligible to take a Double Degree Program by attending classes at University of Queensland started their 5th semester to their 8th semesters (2 + 2 years program).

1. Students must successfully complete 2 years of the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (International Class) at ITB to be eligible for the pathways listed below. Applications for any other pathways will be considered on a case by case basis.

2. Students must achieve the required GPA for admission to the chosen UQ program.

3. Students are required to meet UQ English language proficiency entry requirements: –

International program and curriculum: