front-himatek Indonesian Chemical Engineering students are an inseparable part of the academics of the university and the state of Indonesia as the carriers of the advancement of science and technology in the future, so that they are responsible for the noble role and responsibility to uphold the values of truth in order to uphold the dignity of the Indonesian people. So to carry out these roles and responsibilities, he is demanded as early as possible to always foster himself and develop potential in a forum for the emergence of creativity and activity based on family principles. Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia Institut Teknologi Bandung (HIMATEK ITB), which was founded on September 26, 1952, is an organization for students of ITB’s chemical engineering program. HIMATEK ITB is based on professionalism, is independent, and acts as a means to develop itself towards full adult human beings. HIMATEK ITB was established with the aim of:
  1. Participate in achieving the goals of education and teaching of chemical science and technology at the Chemical Engineering Program, Institut Teknologi Bandung.
  2. Develop the professional attitude of chemical engineering students as early as possible and improve the ability of human resources through a variety of Association activities that support the Association’s program towards fostering the chemical engineering profession.
  3. Providing a pattern for the dynamics of the student world in Indonesia by maintaining a critical, rational, open attitude, pioneering mentality and idealism in dealing with all problems of the nation and state.
To achieve the goals and objectives, HIMATEK ITB always strives to:
  1. Plan and organize extra-curricular activities, especially those of a scientific and professional nature
  2. Creating a climate that stimulates chemical engineering students to develop useful creativity and innovation through a variety of activities that suit students’ talents, interests and hobbies.