Chemical Engineering Students Won First Place at 2018 National Safety Competition

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Dimas Prasetyo Adjie, NIM 13015072 and Irhas Santika Abdullah, NIM 13015007 from the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Program at ITB, won a brilliant achievement as the First Champion in the 2018 National Safety Competition organized by Univertas Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta.

The Grand Seminar is the highlight of the 2018 National Safety Competition. The event is open to students and the general public. In this event, participants will get a variety of knowledge and insights about safety in the industry.

The Grand Seminar series was divided into 2 sessions, namely a public lecture session by 2 keynote speakers and continued with class sessions. During the class session, participants will discuss in depth safety in the industry based on the source hazard. This year 3 classes are available, namely the Fire and Explosion, Chemicals and Radioactive classes.

Class Description:

Fire and Explosion

This class discusses fire and explosion hazards that can be caused by gas, fog / vapor or flammable dust particles. In addition, there will also be explained ways to prevent fires or explosions to create a safe environment.


This class will discuss what characteristics need to be considered in chemicals (chemicals) in the industry, especially those related to safety. This is intended to determine the appropriate handling method for each chemical. Chemicals with different characteristics require different treatments.


This class will focus on discussing hazards related to radioactive substances. This can be in the form of radiation or various sources of radiation. In addition, the effects will arise if workers are exposed to radioactive substances and how to prevent radiation exposure.

Congratulations on the achievement of satisfying achievements, hopefully becoming an inspiration and encouragement for other students.

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