Accredited “Unggul” (By BAN-PT)
Accredited By Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (IABEE)

Application details

– Graduated from high school or its equivalent.
– Has a maximum age of 22 years-old by August 1st 2020.
– Demonstrate good command and knowledge of English as shown by one of the following English language proficiency result:
» Internet-based test (iBT) TOEFL with minimum score of 61, or
» IELTS with minimum score of 5.5 (General Test), or
» The British Council IELTS Indicator (detailed information about the IELTS Indicator Test can be obtained at
– Demonstrate high academic potential as measured by one of the following:
» General SAT Test score conducted by The College Board (, or
» ITB Academic Qualification Test (ITB AQ Test) score conducted by ITB (if applicants do not take SAT Test).
– Demonstrate good academic grades as shown by his/her semester-to-semester academic report/transcript
– Do not have color blindness condition (total or partial).

Application procedures are conducted online through

» Valid Birth Certificate (for Indonesian nationals-WNI) or Passport valid at least 12 months prior to its expired date (for foreign nationals).
» Complete per-semester High School Academic Report (Rapor SMA) or High School Academic Transcript
» English language proficiency level certificate
» Academic Qualification Test result
» A medical certificate for color vision, issued by Ophthalmologist
» Application fee payment receipt.
» A Statement of Financial Commitment. Template of letter can be downloaded here.
» For applicants graduated from foreign countries’ high school (non Sekolah Republik Indonesia-SRI) or local schools based on NON Indonesian National Curriculum: A letter signed by the school headmaster stating that the applicant is expected to complete his/her final year of high school and to be graduated by July 2020. Template of letter can be downloaded here.

Tuition and other fees

Education Fees:
» For Indonesian (WNI-Warga Negara Indonesia)
Tuition Fee (per semester): IDR. 30,000,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)

» For foreign nationals (WNA-Warga Negara Asing):
Admission Fee (paid once registered as a new student): IDR. 22,500,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)
Tuition Fee (per semester): IDR. 42,000,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)

Education Fees do not cover the following:
• Cost of international exposure program, which will be separately determined depending on type of academic program and conditional living cost at overseas partner institutions.
• Cost of living and accommodation
• Cost of textbooks and other educational expenses
• Personal costs and necessities.

Admission Timeframe

Contact email for academic program: